El Cuatro Adorado


Puerto Rican Cuatro Art, Handcrafted from wood with wire strings and screw tuning pegs, Measures 19.5”  high x 9” wide x 2.5” deep (Note: decorative piece only, not playable)


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This hand-shaped, Puerto Rican cuatro piece measures 19.5” x 9” x 2.5”. Similar to a guitar but shaped more like a violin, the Cuatro as an instrument is believed to date back to the 16th Century. It became a home built alternative to the guitar for native Taínos, escaped slaves, and European “criminals”, all of whom sought safety from Spanish conquistadors in the island’s rugged interior.

This 10-stringed piece (currently used version, vice original 4-stringed build) was built with this idea in mind and is purposefully and imperfectly hand fashioned to capture the original essence. The detail can only be appreciated when seen on your wall, console, or shelf. It’s a truly unique way to display “Orgullo Boricua” (Puertorican Pride) or your appreciation of international instruments and is a great addition to your home or the lucky person to whom you gift it.

The cuatro and frame are handcut, shaped, sanded, and sealed. Each element is hand painted, and the hardware incorporated gives it a muti-textural feel. As with many of my pieces, I made the design up as I went along, which guarantees you’ll never see another one exactly like it.


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