Conceptualized in 2007, Geek Shui Living®️ was founded upon the recognized need to find positive balance between our physical and technological lives. In its initial virtual life, it provided widely recognized, technology news and blogs. In this, the current evolution of Geek Shui, our focus is on empowering cybersecurity professionals, business owners, and common users to better secure their virtual lives. This is why we say:

“It takes a cyber tribe to secure the village.”

Justin E. Gehrke is a career Cybersecurity professional, with over two decades of proven experience in the secure design, configuration, and operation of Information Technology networks. In addition to earning a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology, he also holds multiple, industry recognized certifications, to include Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP). In 2007, he founded Geek Shui Living in order to share his technology experience with others and simplify their virtual lives. He is available for speaking engagements for schools, businesses, and other institutions, upon request.

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